Drake | Chevre Plain | 4 oz.

Drake | Chevre Plain | 4 oz.

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4 oz.  Ingredients:  Pasteurized Goat Milk, Salt, Vegetable Rennet, Cultures

Our chevre has a very fresh taste. We use the finest French cultures and it is incubated for twelve hours and then drained in bags to give it a wonderful smooth texture and taste. All of our chevre cheese is packaged in tubs which make great storage containers so you can eat a little bit of it and snap the lid on to keep it fresh for the next day. Chevre tubs can also be frozen and thawed in the fridge when you need cheese. 

Tangy, bright, tart flavor and a rich, smooth texture. Enjoy on salads and with roasted vegetables or as a compound butter on poultry and beef. Pairs well with red, white, and sparkling wines. Keeps 2 weeks refrigerated; 1 month frozen.

Every batch of our milk is tested to be proven free of antibiotic residues by an independent and CDFA certified lab . We never have used nor will we ever use the Bovine growth hormone RBST to increase production of our goats.