Store Reopens Tuesdays!


Our Store features some of the finest local farms and food producers in the Salt Lake City area!  Hand Sown Homegrown Farm is working directly with other local farms and producers to offer their products to you along with our fresh produce.  All of the businesses you can support here are run by 1-2 people, ensuring the fewest hands have touched these products, and that your money is staying here in the community and directly to the producer.

These products are direct from the farm or kitchen to your table!  Our produce is harvested directly for you based off of your orders, it's like having a personal farmer for your family table. 

Inventory for ordering is refreshed every Tuesday, with the ordering cut-off being Friday at 11:59pm to make delivery on Sunday.  Check the Store Tuesdays to see our offering of products for the week.

2065 E 2100 S 8-9 AM
Please arrive with your order # displayed in your drivers side window,

SUGAR HOUSE, SUNDAY 8-9AM:  2065 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84108