Soil Regenerative Biodynamic Farming, SLC

Biodynamic   -   No Till   -   Nutrient Dense

Our certified USDA lab test indicates that our soils Total Living Microbial Biomass is off the charts, in a range that is two tiers beyond the excellent rating.                
     Living Soils = Nourishing Medicinal Food
We believe nature knows best!  Our goal as earth stewards is to caress, mimic, and work with natures patterns.  This means we don't operate petroleum based equipment on the grounds we grow food, nor do we deplete our soils with tillage which burns up organic matter and destroys soil structure with no regard for soil life.  We don't rely on any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals of any kind.  Instead, we farm using one hundred percent hand tools and consider how our actions impact the billions of life forms under our feet, feeding the soil microbes and plant life with farm brewed compost teas and biodynamic preparations rather than man made chemicals.  We've incorporated 8,000 lbs. of 100+ different trace minerals and over 450 yards of compost material over the course of seven years.  
We bring to market produce that was cut and washed that morning in order to provide the most nourishing foods possible, traveling no more than nine miles to market.  If you want healing, life supportive natural foods, we offer high vitality living biodynamic produce.