Soil Regenerative Biological Farming

Nutrient Dense   -   No Till   -   Beyond Organic

We believe nature knows best!  Our goal as earth stewards is to caress, mimic, and work with natures patterns.  This means we don't operate heavy petroleum based equipment on the grounds we grow food.  Nor do we deplete our soils by tillage, which burns up organic matter and destroys soil structure with no regard for soil life.  We don't rely on any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals of any kind.  Instead, we farm using one hundred percent hand tools and think about how our actions affect the billions of life forms under our feet, feeding the soil microbes and plants with farm brewed compost tea rather than man made chemicals.  We utilize beyond organic growing practices and follow biodynamic principles, tending to crops within their proper earth cycle.  All of our seeding, fertilizing, and cultivation always falls in accordance to the biodynamic calendar to achieve the healthiest crop possible.  We're focused on nutrient dense freshly harvested produce, incorporating 8,000 lbs. of 100+ trace minerals and a minimum of 50 yards of compost, animal manures, and carbon based materials into our soils annually.    In season, we bring to market produce that was cut and washed that morning in order to provide the most nourishing foods possible, traveling no more than nine miles to market.


The Seeds.  We're quickly loosing our heritage food supply's biodiversity, 94% of heirloom varieties have gone extinct!  In the majority of seed catalogs the heirloom varieties are out and the F1 hybrids are in.   F1 hybrids are a result of unnatural cell fusion genetic engineering.  The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement states that F1 Hybrids are GMO's.  F1 Hybid seeds are not sustainable or savable and yet a majority of farmers, backyard growers, and food consumers are contributing to the support of the GMO industry and the loss of our open pollinated seed bank by growing and buying hybrid crops.  Control the seed and you control everything.  $$$

Hand Sown Homegrown is dedicated to savable, open-pollinated seeds, sourcing our inventory of seeds from small family seed farms and businesses dedicated to the preservation of heritage seeds.  Know what your eating and ask the farmer if it's a hybrid and request a more sustainable healthier food source!

If you want life giving all natural foods, purchase directly from the farmers who you know their growing practices, this is your only option for real "organic" foods.  Labels are deceiving!