Metropolitan Buying Club Details

Where community and nutrient dense fresh produce meet.

With no markets in the month of May in Salt Lake City, it's a great time to launch our buying club.  It's your opportunity to gather some of our homegrown produce delivered to a location near you.  For the month of May we will be delivering every Saturday and once the market season starts up in June we'll switch to a mid-week day, so if you couldn't make it out to one our farmers market booths, you can still par take in the harvest.

We're currently offering deliveries to two different parks in Salt Lake City, eventually we would like to delivery direct to a few homes throughout different communities, so if you think your location would be an appropriate drop off point let us know.


We'll have our produce items updated a few days ahead of the drop-off date mentioned on our home page.  Add your desired items to your cart and at checkout please enter the shipping address of the park your going to be picking up that week.  You can also tell us in the 'Notes' section the name of the park you want to pickup that week.  If you want to opt for the home delivery option insert your address as the shipping address.

Payment Method

Please if at all possible do not pay with a credit/debit card through the website as the fee's are higher than if you were to pay with a card at the time of delivery.

Instead select:  Cash On Delivery (COD)

This option allows you to place an order, but pay for it at the point of pickup.  You can still pay with a card at that time, although cash is preferred and appreciated. 

(If you really would like to pay with a card on the website, we are set up to accept your payment, it just simply costs us more money to do so.)

Order Confirmation

Once you've placed your order you'll receive email confirmation which means we officially have your order and will be harvesting, cleaning, and packing your produce just for you.  

Delivery Pick-up 

Pickup times are currently 30 minute blocks.  Please be respectful of our limited time and be there on time.

Thanks for supporting our One Acre, No-Till, No Tractor, Soil Regenerative, Nutrient Dense farm.   We hope to have all participates out to the farm for future farm activities like:  tours, farm dinners, fire-pit hangs and more.  We love and appreciate your support.  

- Jared & Verna Hankins