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Where community and nutrient dense fresh produce meet.

Thanks for supporting our efforts to grow and provide fresh, biologically grown, nutrient dense, life nourishing foods throughout all four seasons.

Hand Sown Homegrown is offering online ordering for the weeks of the year where no farmers markets are held. We will be delivering produce orders every Saturday.  Deliveries will be to residential homes located in the Sugarhouse and Murray areas.

Ordering Details

Click on the "ONLINE STORE" tab on the home page of the website.

Every produce item available will have a photograph and a description.  Add each item to your cart as desired.

The delivery locations and delivery times will also be listed here, select your desired pickup location/time and add it to your cart like buying an item.

Payment can be made online at the point of checkout with a credit/debit card or you can select the "Cash on Delivery, COD" option to pay with cash or card at your point of pickup.  

That's it!  Please be respectful of everyones time and arrive within the thirty minute pickup window.  At the end of the set pickup time all unclaimed orders will be cancelled.