Full Spectrum Hemp Extract from Certified Organic & Biodynamic Grown Hemp in Colorado: Grown at high altitude & harvested at peak potency, Authentic commands our quality by beginning with our own Authentic seed. We practice regenerative agriculture & have become one of the first Industrial Hemp Farms in the US to be dually certified as Demeter Biodynamic & Organic .

Proprietary Cold Alcohol Extraction: This whole plant is processed with a proprietary cold alcohol extraction method to retain as raw an extract as possible. We aim to honor & capture the highest plant integrity by not exposing our plant material to extended high heat & pressure. No hydrocarbons are ever used. Using our in-house engineer designed, purpose-built equipment & processes to extract hemp, we are able to capture higher amounts of raw plant cannabinoid forms such as CBD-A. Our extract is then infused into organic, nourishing oils, botanicals & essential oils.

Biodynamically Grown & Wildcrafted Botanicals: Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, & ethical agriculture method. Our Wildcrafted Botanicals such as St. Johns Wort & Arnica are ethically gathered in the Rocky Mountains at their blossoming peak. We grow many of the botanicals that we incorporate into our products, harvesting & drying them to retain the vital properties of each plant.

We believe that Good Medicine Grows with Good Hearts from Good Soil. Authentic Gardens, LLC is a Registered Industrial Hemp Cultivation Company Growing High CBD Hemp Strains Organically & Biodynamically. We control our product quality from seed to harvest, through production, combining our full spectrum whole plant hemp extract with vibrant hemp-infused botanical blends. We aim to create botanical synergies to create life nourishing hemp remedies to support your active lifestyle. Cultivation Ethics - Formulation Integrity

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