Abigail's Oven

Health - With only three perfect ingredients, water, flour and salt this is the simplest and most ancient bread on the planet. It also means that every loaf is raised through a naturally leavened sourdough long ferment process (10+ hours), that is a hot trending item in health circles. We frequently have customers with a number of bread issues tell us that they can eat our bread with no issue at all. As a result we have devoted fans who make special trips just to get our bread fresh.

Flavor - It’s also a gourmet bread, baked in it’s own dutch oven, using a true San Francisco process. We're proud to be sold at specialty locations including Robert Redford’s Sundance Foundry Grill.


Local - Our grain is locally grown and milled in the Rocky Mountains, with no pesticides, no bleaching, promoting, fortifying and with old-strain non-GMO wheat. We would like to deliver our bread fresh to the 11 Sprouts stores in the Las Vegas area as well as the 5 Sprouts stores in Utah.