Our Story

Jared Hankins was born in Salt Lake City, Utah raised in Dallas, TX and graduated college in Boston, follwed by working and living in Hollywood, San Diego, and San Francisco California before moving to Washington state for 10 years.  In 2007, with a sixteen year career in audio engineering, Jared, with an interest in agriculture, cold called a 5 acre certified organic farm in the Seattle area and began his life in farming, interning while also digging in the soil at home.   With just a few double dug beds next to his house, Jared started vending at the local farmers market under the name Hand Sown Homegrown. The following year a retiring couple passed down their thriving heirloom tomato business and Jared was hooked on heirlooms, tomatoes and a life in agriculture.   For the next three years Jared and his partner farmed an acre of ground, seeded and sold 5,000 heirloom tomato starts each year and grew a wide range of organic crops to supply their 40 family CSA and three famers market booths each week.  With a foucus on healthy soils, animals quickly became a main component to the farm with a large flock of birds; ducks, laying hens, and pastured poultry broilers.  Jared recieved further support from the agriculture community when his farm was selected by nations first organic farm supplier, Peaceful Valley Organic Supply Company, for the 'Freshman Farmer' program, where Hand Sown Homegrown documented their growth and farming methods on the internet in exchange for organic supply equipment. With the loss of their rented land in 2011, Jared transitioned into a tiny mobile living structure and would eventually pack up the salvaged pieces of his farm and relocate to his original home state of Utah.  Arriving to an acre of ground in the Salt Lake City valley, Jared quickly got to work turning a former horse, sheep, and goat pasture into a diverse row crop farm by incorporating large amounts of compost, animal manures, carbon based materials, and hundreds of trace minerals by the tons.   Since arriving in Utah in 2013, Jared has enjoyed working along side and encouraging family members in agriculture and market sales.